I am a Christian, catholic, I had a call from the Holy Spirit and went with CMDA mission To Lebanon .

Most of the people we served were not in great need, they already has been helped by multiple other local associations and churches.

It was very obvious that the main goal for this mission was to strengthen the name and the reputation of the local evangelical church of Chaouki Boulos.

The mission was lead by Anthony Shipley who decided that because I am not Protestant, I don t have “his “ Jesus in my heart! He gave himself the authority to judge mg heart and what’s in my heart! This is a shame for the Church in our era , that the ego of our preachers and leader is above the love of Jesus ! 

Our relationship with Jesus is very personal and it is between us and Jesus! And only Jesus himself judge our heart! 

Praying for missionary in the world to be the servant of the humanity and humankind!





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  • Perry Jansen

    Perry Jansen

    That is sad that you had a bad experience in Lebanon. Don't let that keep you from pursuing your call from the Holy Spirit. Even these bad experiences can be used by Him and even orchestrated by Him to shape our understanding of what is effective and what is not. Always a reminded that the Church (note the capital "C", including all who name Jesus as their Savior) is not perfect but, somehow, God uses "all things". Praying for you today that the experience will deepen your love for the Lord and desire to serve Him.
  • Tim Li

    Tim Li

    Sorry to hear your story. Two of the ten medical missions trips I have been on were bad. The leader on one of these trips was down right superstitious - putting faith in wood idols that he would bury under his house for good luck! Crazy. However, there have been a couple of trips that have been amazing and have changed the course of my life. I hope this is not your last trip. Take care.
  • Carol Masterson

    Carol Masterson

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Every short term medical mission is different. One trip I was on had a Lady who was Jewish - she reported she had a wonderful experience and felt the love of God . Some trips I have been on have had individuals that I did not agree with, did not "like" or just did not get along with. Don't judge by one time experience. Think about what you learned and how God was working in and thru you. Stay open to Gods leading and try again - please.