God blessed me with the opportunity and privilege of leading a service trip to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  If you are a coffee enthusiast, then yes, that is where Blue Mountain Coffee comes from. It was a valuable trip for many reasons.

Prior to this, I had leadership experiences; however, I had never led a whole team of medical professionals to a foreign country to provide aid before. There was a lot to learn and a lot of logisitical details to work on. God was gracious to me, and I had a lot of help from other valuable team members. I was grateful the trip went smoothly. 

This was another experience where we likely benefitted more than the people we were serving. The people of the Blue Mountains were great to work with, and they were grateful for our presence. They cooked us delicious home-cooked meals and graciously provided us with shelter and accommodations. 

There was one young patient who potentially had bacterial meningitis we cared for and sent to a larger center. They presented with fever, nuchal rigidity, and headache. I was grateful we could be there for them and offer care to people who may not have seen a physician otherwise.


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