I am grateful to God for the great privilege of traveling to Guatemala to provide healthcare for their population. We worked in conjunction with a clinic there called Pop Wuj. It was a secular trip, but it had a major impact on me. People traveled from far and wide for us to render them care, but I believe we benefitted more from them than vice versa. 

Some patients had not seen any physician in months or even years. The breadth and depth of illness I saw on this journey was without exception. I was also impressed with their profound gratitude for our work.

We had fun too. They had beautiful landscapes and marketplaces. Although the country is much smaller than the USA, it had quite a varied terrain and landscape. We were in the rainforest one day, on the beach the next, and the following day near volcanoes. We got to take pictures and videos near an active volcano! The people and food were also amazing.


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