September 2019. I drove to maryland to be a volunteer and mentor for a nationally known organization, camp no limits. This is a phenomenal organization originating in Maine, started by an OR hand therapist who saw a need for children and young adults who have congenital and traumatic related limb differences/loss/amputations...whether from tumors, longitudinal deficiency, trauma, etc. Her heart and vision has now grown to having an organization that host 8 or 9 camps around the USA whereby families and children get ti "come to camp" and experience the blessing of meeting others who have similar differences and connect on an intimate and safe platform....these kids and parents get to meet with prosthetists, therapists, psychologists, etc while at camp. And they get to engage in activity that encourages them to be and do whatever they want to be and do "no limits"...we did zip lines, rock climbing, kayaking, pool, biking, soccer, crafts, etc etc. So wonderful. 

This is very personal to me, as I was born with symbrachydactyly of my left hand and am missing 3 fingers and my forearm amd thumb are slightly shorter as well.  So I have a personal and deep connection to what life is like with a congenital difference.  And as a physician and surgeon, I was and am able to give God the glory for my successes and overcoming so many things including doubters, stereotypes, etc etc. 

The children and families were amazing. I showed everyone how I suture and we did a banana peel suturing clinic. The time there was such a blessing and I left having made some very real connections whereby I hope I encouraged other children and their parents to never give up on their dreams and always believe everything is possible for him who believes. 

We CAN do all things and ALL things are possible with the Lord!! 



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