Our first medical expedition of 2020 targeted “Area 87,” the region in Siberia where 87 churches have welcomed us to come along side them to share God’s Love with those who know little or nothing about Him. Dr. V., a Neurologist and family practice doctor who works for Agape, traveled from Moscow by herself to meet up with the church’s team leader and a driver. She is one strong, brave lady who wants people to hear the God’s Love.  Their ministry began at the church on Russian Christmas Day. After a drama dedicated to the meaning of Christmas, nearly 70 people joined in a prayer of repentance.  The team spent the next week sharing God’s love through compassionate medical care at rehabilitation centers. Many rehab centers in Russia have been started by a local church or are directly connected to one.



Dr. V. writes: “Jesus changed many hearts of those at the rehab centers. Some of them were thieves, some killers, some lived in captivity of Spiritism.  Almost all of them were infected with HIV, Hepatitis C, and Tuberculosis, but many of them believe that Jesus forgave all their sins and is healing all their diseases.
“There were some who were waiting for their trials without any fear, because they know that any decision will be only from God their Savior, and they are ready to go to prison and be witnesses for Christ. Praise the Lord and thank you for our brothers and sisters who help to finance these expeditions! You are very special to us, and to these prisoners. Thank you to everybody who prays about this great ministry of Agape!”

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