I work in Kigeme health center which organised a health week(14th-18th January 2019 ) for screening non communicable diseases(NCDs) that are killing most people without knowing the reason confusing them with the poisonous consumption. The adults have high risk of having heart diseases,Youths use to drink alcohol in beers and drugs that are harmful in our respiration system. So we had opportunity also to test other diseases such HIV/AIDS. it was very interesting because we calculated the BMI for some student. Kigeme health center has organized this week in order: 1. To create health promoting environments and to promote community actions to reduce exposure to modifiable NCD risk factors and injuries in Kigeme, Nzega sector. 2. To strengthen and mainstream NCDs prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment and rehabilitation programs within the region covered to be served by Kigeme health center. 3. To document determinants of NCDs through M&E system and research for evidence-based interventions. 4. To give guidance and counselling to people of different ages for how they can know, protect their lives for a proficient future. Then there a lot to do but still we continue to work to be a healthy,spiritual generation. we have done 178 test of HIV, there was one person who have been positive but she told us that she was already on HIV/AIDS drug treatment.we screened also the heart rate.158 person had a normal heart rate but 44 persons had abnormal heart rate. This week is compulsory in our region where there is muslim who understood the good news of Jesus Christ,even enormous non muslim people received Jesus Christ as their Kings and savior. we gave them medical counseling as well as the gospel for their health,spiritual well being. To God be the honor,power and glory all over the world who helped a lot in this wonderful week. He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. (Luke 10.2). This a message for us to work up for evangelism as CHRISTIANS. May God continue to protect you,


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  • Mark Schlatter

    Mark Schlatter

    Wow! How exciting to read about many people receiving Jesus for their salvation through your medical ministry!!! I am raising my hands in praise to Him right now!