Are you a Southeast Christian Church member?

Great!  Thanks for checking out this resource page for how you can be involved in the Global Missions Health Conference.

Three ways to get involved with the GMHC

Become a Host Home

Every year nearly 1,000 attendees (students and missionaries) are housed in homes of Southeast members.  We always need more families to help host individuals and groups.  Consider opening your home for students or missionaries to stay with you.


It's amazing seeing so many great volunteers each year helping to make this conference come to life... but we always need more.  Would you consider coming to serve with others in our community to help host this conference and help mobilize thousands to mission world around the world?


Should you attend?  Our team would certainly say yes!  We would love for you to attend the GMHC.  The Friday night plenary session is always free and the cost is reasonable if you would like to attend the rest of the event.  It's not just for medical professionals, so please join us.

Download Information Sheet

Download the GMHC 2019 overview sheet to learn more and share with friends.  


Who is the GMHC for?

Great question, it's actually for anyone interested in exploring missions.  Yes, the majority of the content is medical in nature but you can find plenty of content about missions in general.  If you or anyone you know is exploring how the Lord might be calling them into greater service then we're certain this event will help push you forward.  


What is the relationship between Southeast and the GMHC?

The GMHC is a ministry of Southeast Christian Church, just like any other of our church ministries.  This event was started 25 years ago as a gift to the healthcare community to help encourage and mobilize them to medical mission.  We see this as an opportunity to help send people all over the world... and we literally mean all over the world.  You are part of hosting an event that has touch points in virtually every country of the world.  We're blessed to be able to host this unique event.  


How can I help promote the GMHC?

Nearly 3,000 attendees come from all over the world to attend the GMHC each year... but this event is for anyone looking to take a next step in missions.  Do you know someone who would benefit from attending (healthcare or not)?  If so, please let them know!  

A Ministry of Southeast Christian Church