Brooke Faulkner

by Brooke Faulkner


Emergency Management As A Career


The clear benefit to having multiple agencies work together to manage a disaster is that communities can manage hazards and cope with disasters more quickly. Emergency management professionals provide the framework for a society's survival after disasters occur. Given how consistently disasters occur and the need to limit the damage from emergencies and disasters, there is now a need more than ever for emergency management professionals. 

In addition to natural disasters, there are a variety of different scenarios and industries an emergency management professional might find themselves in, including: local and state government, hospitals, scientific and technical services, and higher education. Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that jobs in this field will grow steadily well into 2024. 

The below infographic, created by Arizona State University's Online Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EMHS) degree program, explores the field of emergency management and the various professions one might find in the field.


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