"The Talk about . . . fundraising and MedSend's solution"

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Are you comfortable asking people for money? Do you understand the critical areas you must address if you are going to ask people to invest in you? This session will give you an understanding of the basics in fundraising that is fundamental to anyone in ministry. You will learn 5 critical things you must do in order to raise your own support. There is a solution to the obstacle of educational loans which often prevent many from going due to the amount of money that must be raised – MedSend. Additionally, you will understand how to qualify for a MedSend grant and what the Board is looking for in those who apply. Finally, you will gain and understanding of what you need to be doing right now if you are hoping to go to the field soon, next steps.

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  • Chisenga Kunda

    Chisenga Kunda

    Greetings Rand, I am humbled by your broad expertise of ministry fundraising. I must say that the majority of the concerns raised have struck a chord with me. I realized I had been fundraising in the traditional manner. To begin with, I have been in ministry since 2009, and I currently work part-time to support my family and ministry. I'm contemplating quitting my second job owing to the time it takes away from my ministry. However, the ties have been an obligation with the Bank; I received a loan in 2019 and it has enslaved me. Please let me know how I might contact you. I downloaded your notes for future reference. My email address is pastorchisengakunda@gmail.com or rolwms@rolwms.org. Continual blessings to you and your loved ones. Pastor Chisenga Kunda

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