Preparing the next generation in Missional Healthcare - The Formational Course in Missional Healthcare - An Indo and Africa initiative and approach

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This breakout session is will be a taster of the Formational Course of the Academy of Missional Healthcare and Initiative of COGI and CAPRO. Designed primarily for pre-internship students in healthcare, it is also open to young professionals. This session will provide a taster to the eight-core module mentorship course in Missional Healthcare. The session will also highlight the uniqueness of the program. The Formational course provides participants with “A missional context of learning” in an environment of Transformational learning, problem-based training, experiential sharing alongside practical role-plays and interactive group exercises. Continual learning and reflective engagement through “journaling” is a key component of the program. The full program gives broad insights into the health and development needs in a country as well the various expressions of medical missions. It also provides a deeper understanding of God’s mission pertinent to healthcare and the healthcare person.

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