Prayer as a Strategy

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This survey was created by someone that God led on an amazing journey. In hindsight this person realizes they were on a quest. Their quest started with one goal, “To find a deeper, more intimate relationship with God—one in which they would be able to recognize God’s “still small voice.” Prior to The Quest, this person had been a fairly average Christian leader, with seasons of spiritual fervor and seasons that were spiritually dry.

The questions in the survey fit in one of two categories. Some come from the issues this person began wrestling with that led them to embark upon The Quest. Others are inspired by all the things this person realized had changed or were changing as God led them in The Quest.

Many have found taking this survey helps them to assess where they are spiritually in their relationship with God. It is a tool to help explore various facets of one’s relationship with God. The intent isn’t to compute an overall score, but to help people begin to identify where to focus attention for future growth. Its ultimate effectiveness is realized as people re-take the survey months and years later and compare themselves with where they were previously.

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