Muslim Insider Movements to Christ

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Should Muslims who enter the Kingdom through Jesus remain Muslim Insiders? Whether or not they should, they ARE. Tens of thousands of Muslims from diverse corners of the Muslim world are transferring allegiance from Mohammed and the Qur’an to Messiah Jesus and His Kingdom of grace … while remaining part of the Uma of Islam (Muslim Community).
Beyond orthodoxy (correct beliefs – we’ll demonstrate just how orthodox they are) these Muslim Insiders are also orthopraxic (correct practice), obeying everything taught by Jesus, their much treasured and divine Savior. They may not ascribe to our Creeds (which they have not read) but they lovingly affirm all the Bible teaches about Jesus, their Lord and Master.
This workshop will not train how to “do Insider ministry.” But it will inform how God is doing it. The workshop will not attempt to defend insider movements. But it will declare the mighty works God is doing among many peoples within the house of Ishmael (Islam). Messy? Yes. What Muslim movement to Christ is not? But they’re also miraculous … and just a bit mysterious for Western Christians.

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