Brian Vickers

by Brian Vickers


Find Your Place in God's Redemptive Story

Missions is about who we are and what we're called to be. We often think of missions as primarily something we, or others, "do." Of course we engage in missions but when we look at the Bible we find that missions is at the heart of God's story of making all things new in Christ. We are called to take part in this story--not only tell it and study it but live it. When we see that missions in the Bible is not simply a handfull of texts but is at the very heart of God's unfolding plan then we can find our place in God's redemptive story. In this session we'll take a fresh look at what missions is all about in the Bible, and how God has gone about fulfiliing his promise to the nations in Christ and what that means for us today. Hopefully each of us will go away with a renewed vision for the missional life God has given us.


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