Nathan J'Diim

by Nathan J'Diim


Forming & Preparing a Team for Long-term Healthcare Missions

What’s your ultimate long-term goal? Is your dream to vaccinate multiple thousands of Berber children against preventable child-hood diseases or … to launch movements of missional-communities (churches) among the Berber who will reach all the Berber for Christ … and vaccinate all their children too? Is your goal to treat five thousand TB patients among the Bedo of Jordan or … to establish reproducing Jesus-Communities in the desert that actually bring the Kingdom’s blessing to all Bedouins … and who themselves become the hands of Jesus serving TB patients among them? Is your ambition to establish and/or staff emergency clinics for the never-ending flow of refugees, or … is your life ambition to launch out-of-control movements of simple churches that sweep through a people group … and serve their sick as part of being the church.

This breakout session will give you hope that the bigger vision is possible and help you form and prepare long-term teams that can embrace such a challenge.


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