Ndidi Musa

by Ndidi Musa


Intensive care medical education in low resource areas

Global Health Issues: Major Existing Global Issues
Intensive Medical Education in Low Resource Areas
Speaker: Ndidi Musa
Location: ED 210/212
Abstract: To achieve the Millennium development goal 4, which is to reduce under-five mortality by two-thirds by 2015, still remains a challenge for low resource countries. Emergency and critical care services are often the weakest parts of the health system and yet have the potential to significantly reduce mortality. Effective triage, emergency care and intensive care is possible by putting into place intensive training and education that equips the health care staff to recognize and care for these critically ill children. Mission hospitals have the potential to take the lead in intensive care medical education for a number of reasons. Most missionary doctors have trained in a system where triage is the norm and where simple measures like availability of oxygen can save a life. it is with this background in mind that we will explore the following objectives: We will define the spectrum of intensive care services; We will identify tools and resources available to educate and train health care providers to improve skills and knowledge in intensive care; Innovations in critical care are they possible in mission hospitals?


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