Heather Onyett

by Heather Onyett


Disability and the Millenium Development Goals

At the completion of this session, participants will be aware of: The Millenium Development Goals (MDGs); Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of disability to achieve the MDGs; Violence, causing/resulting from disability - a new global health priority; Resources related to disability and the MDGs. The Millenium Development Goals are to monitor progress toward a 'World Fit for Children'. The 8 Millenium Development Goals are: 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2. Achieve universal primary education 3. Promote gender equality and empower women 4. Reduce child mortality 5. Improve maternal health 6. Combat HIV/AIDs, Malaria and other diseases 7. Ensure environmental sustainability 8. Global partnership for development - What was surprising was that disability was not included in the MDGs! However, one billion people or 15% of the world's population experience some form of disability. It is estimated that 93 million children live with a moderate or severe disability. The Convention on the Rights of the Child identifies 4 cores principles; * Non-discrimination, * Best interest of the child, * Right to life, survival and development, * Respect for the views of the child. One of the rights is that 'children with a disability have the right to special care, training, to help him/her enjoy a decent life in dignity - and achieve the greatest degree of self reliance and social integration possible.' During this session, there will be discussion of each of the 8 MDGs as they apply to all children - with a focus on Disability. International successful initiatives will be discussed - as well as challenges and opportunities for future involvement of conference participants to make a difference in this new priority of preventing disability - and caring for those with a disability, and in partnership with those who have a disability , advocate for integration of children with disability into the community so that together we can maximize the potential of each


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