GMHC 2020 (25th Anniversary)

Hospital Administration

Hospital Administration

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Sending organizations spend tens of millions of dollars each year sending clinicians and support staff overseas. They invest very little in comparison on the leaders who are essential to preventing their burnout. Competent and compassionate administrative leaders are not only essential for developing and sustaining resilient healthcare and ministry teams; they also shepherd the systems that optimize human, technological and financial resources and prevent waste of resources and harm to patients. Despite its necessity, health care leadership and management training often scarce in many of the world’s most marginalized places. In this presentation, Anderson makes a case for the necessity of building leadership capacity and introduces practical tools that help address this training gap while building vibrant, sustainable mission teams.


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  • Dean Cowles

    Dean Cowles

    Excellent presentation Benjamin. We work at rural African hospital since 2015 and also in the early 90s. This is a huge critical need to raise up and train competent, compassionate, Christian national administrators along with national doctors and staff. We have a US trained Hospital Admin who has come for two years to help us with these needs and a new younger African admin team that shows great promise with the right training, support, and mentorship.