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Jim Ritchie

Jim Ritchie


A Biblical Understanding of Illness and Healing

How are we Christian medics different from non-Christian humanitarians? How do you answer a patient who asks, "Why didn't God answer my prayer for healing? Did the devil win?" Does our role as medics conflict with God's highest plan for healing, such as the Miraculous? In this session we will search the Scriptures and consider natural revelation to answer these questions. We will show that God has an active, deliberate role in "natural" healing, "medicinal" healing, and "miraculous" healing, and that our role in this spectrum as Christian medics is vital and profound. We will expose the falsehood of the "medical prosperity gospel" and show that God is actively working in our spiritual lives in the "artistic medium" of illness and healing.


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  • David Campbell

    David Campbell

    The spectrum is a wonderful image and lesson. Thanks.




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