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6 practical ways to serve God through missionary work

There are many different ways for you to serve God through missionary work. In this post, I want to cover a few of the top ways many missionaries serve God through their work. I’ll cover short-term, long-term, marketplace, domestic, international, and medical education as some of the top ways believers find practical avenues to serve God. 

Here are six (6) practical ways to serve God through missionary work:

#1 Short-term missionary work

Take a short-term trip and learn from those that are serving in long-term contexts. Providing needed help, training, and supplies are a great option for those wanting to serve in a short-term capacity.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of opportunities for you to serve in short-term missions, especially as a healthcare professional. The best way to find the best fit is to match your skills and interests. We created the largest directory of healthcare missions organizations in the world to feature opportunities.

Visit short-term missions for ways to serve, trip lists, organizational directories, and tons of resources from leading short-term missions experts. 

#2 Long-term missionary work

Deciding to serve long term means going “all in”. It means giving your life and your skills to a population that needs it. This takes different forms for everyone and includes domestic options, international options, medical education options, and even the emerging marketplace worker option.

We’ve partnered with some of the world's leading sending agencies, specifically those engaged in healthcare missions. You’ll find access to many sending agencies from Christian Health Service Corps, Cure International, International Mission Board, Samaritan’s Purse, World Gospel Mission, and many more. One quick tip: we like to think of finding your perfect sending agency match like dating. We recommend you "date" as many of these organizations as needed until you find that match that best suits your interests and calling.  

Explore how you can take your next step into long-term missionary work. Find eCourses, directories, service options, and tons of resources for long-term missions. 

#3 Marketplace missionary work

Many things are shifting in the world of missions today.  One of these major shifts is a movement of Christian professionals taking their jobs overseas and being a light in the world through their job. And while these individuals may not be raising funds, this is very much missions. Healthcare is one of the greatest avenues of need globally which makes your skills an excellent avenue to take a job somewhere in the world.

We’ve partnered with many networks—like Scatter Global, CRU, Pioneers, and many others in order to create a collective movement of individuals and agencies who are moving the vision of missions forward and equipping healthcare providers to use their skills in unique new ways. Take a look at the options for taking your job overseas.

Find out how you can take your job overseas, find ministry partners, get great examples of people already serving in this way, and the resources you need for marketplace missionary work

#4 Domestic (United States) missionary work 

Many people only think of jungles, tribes, or underground churches when they think of missions, but the poor and marginalized exist in the United States and desperately need healthcare services along with the love of Christ.

There are many clinics all over the country that are serving areas that are under-resourced in both urban and rural areas. There are clinics serving inner-city populations while also addressing the social determinants of health (housing, employment, schools, and so on.). The rural clinics are able to serve populations that have no other access to care. These clinics are able to monitor and treat basic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension, which when left unchecked, lead to the high mortality rates often found in medically underserved areas.

See domestic missionary work in the United States for finding missions organizations and tons of equipping resources and tools. 

#5 International missionary work 

The traditional model of missionary work, which aims to serve the body and the spirit, just like Jesus did in the Gospels. International missionary work can be a service to many around the world that are in need of quality healthcare.

We understand that there are so many ways for you to engage in medical missions and search for that next step. Often, it can be overwhelming as you consider which agency is the best fit for you. We have helped guide thousands of individuals to finding the best next step and making the perfect connection to one of over 1,000 organizations that are part of this incredible community. 

Learn about ways to get started, how to get engaged, eCourses, resources, and reading lists for international missionary work.

#6 Medical education missionary work

Sharing the love of Christ through the academic and clinical teaching of healthcare professional colleagues and students in other nations. Teaching medical skills and knowledge is a way to train future leaders and multiply the work.

We’ve partnered with several communities to bring you some great opportunities for serving. For example, you can find opportunities from the Christian Academy of African Physicians, Medical Education International Trips, In His Image International, Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons, and Partnerships in International Medical Education. 

Explore opportunities, consider upcoming trips, and get equipped for medical education missionary work.

So, you see, there are plenty of ways to do missionary work—whether you’re interested in short-term, long-term, marketplace, domestic, international, or medical education—there are so many ways you can serve God. The only question is: how will you serve God through missionary work? 


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