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Article by Greg Seager, Founder and CEO of Christian Health Service Corp 

Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) is an integrated approach to child health care, which is needed because children that present for care in developing communities rarely do so with only one condition. There are frequently multiple issues when a child presents for care with malnutrition often being an underlying issue. When implemented, IMCI can and does reduce early childhood morbidity and mortality. It also improves growth and development among children under five years of age. IMCI is both preventive and curative and is implemented by families and communities as well as by health workers.

The strategy includes three main components:

• Improving case management skills of health-care staff
• Improving overall health systems
• Improving family and community health practices

In the missions world, we often use Community Health Evangelism (CHE) as the community level of IMCI. The training portion of the IMCI strategy for health workers teaches appropriate case management skills for the identification management of sick children. IMCI works at the rural health outpost level, outpatient clinic level, and inpatient level, using a combined set of protocols and charting system that ensures appropriate integrated treatment of all major illnesses. It also strengthens the counseling abilities of caretakers and speeds up a referral to higher levels of care for severely ill children. In the home setting, it promotes improved care-seeking behaviors, improved nutrition, preventative care for children, and the correct implementation of prescribed care. In short, IMCI is a MUST LEARN set of protocols for those planning to provide care in developing countries. You can download a copy of the IMCI Chart Booklet and Protocols here You can acquire the entire IMCI training Program on our Clinical Resources Page.

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