Finding God’s Call for Your Life

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"Am I 'called' to missions?" "How do I know if I'm called to missions and how can I be sure?" Every Christian considering serving in missions in any capacity has asked those questions, but what are the answers? In this session we will back up and ask a more basic question - "What do we mean by a "call?" The answer lies in comparing out ideas of "calling" with the Bible's teaching about how and why God guides his people.

We’re taking some time to highlight some of the great resources that are available here at Today we wanted to point you to a breakout session from last year’s Global Missions Health Conference. This topic is always a popular one – Finding God’s Call for Your Life. In fact, it drives all that we do here at!

We hope you enjoy taking some time to listen to this session – you can also find these resources on the Podcast.

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