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Uganda Volunteers Foundation (UVF) is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 2013 to provide community voluntary services to the needy communities.  The Organization was founded as a result of growing demand from marginalized women and children whose rights were being violated.

Uganda Volunteers Foundation aims to help change the lives of underprivileged families in Uganda, UVF is a registered charity, working primarily to support single/ deserted mothers, girls either widowed or abandoned by their husbands, and their children by advocating for their rights through education and empowerment.

By 2018 UVF had improved the livelihood of 500 homesteads and 300 children supported with basic needs and education at the UVF School.

Some of our projects include educating 300 children, distributing donated food, clothing, shoes, and medicine to needy families. We have assisted women establish small businesses to raise them from poverty and allow them to provide basic needs for their families, including education for their children. Enhanced women with sustainable life skills like craft baskets, bags and paper beads making, We’ve also organized places to live for two  homeless women and their children.

UVF has also put up water tanks to help communities access free water, built up a dormatry at Entebbe road primary school to help children with a place to sleep.


Empowering vulnerable women and children.


UVFs main aim is to help vulnerable women and children in Uganda have a better future through Education and empowerment.


  1. Empowering women and children with education and sustainable life skills to help them get out of poverty, to be able to provide for basic needs and education for their families in the long run.
  2. Eliminate violence against women & children through advocacy campaigns, building their knowledge about their rights,increasing public awareness, enciphering laws that govern their rights.
  3. Seek sponsoring support for orphans and vulnerable children to cater for their education, health and basic food requirements.
  1. Initiate, encourage and promote local and international partnerships among development partners in supporting research work, vocational training, advocacy, volunteer support and fundraising towards empowering the women and children.
  2. To advocate for improved social services to disadvantaged communities. This could involve partnerships that lead to construction of wells and latrines, establishment of vocational institutions, distribution of primary health services and creating of platforms for sensitization of marginalized groups about human rights and economic opportunities.
  3. Establish cottage industries and income generating activities for unemployed women and single mothers to provide a sustainable source of income and livelihood for their families.

Core Principles.

  • Accountability and Responsibility.
  • Commitment to personal credibility and integrity.
  • Professional excellence in organizational management and program development.
  • Gender responsiveness.
  • Team work.
  • Networking and collaboration.

Slogan: Empowering Vulnerable women & children through education.

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Ssisa Namuzi Kajjansi town council Kampala, Wakiso 256, UG


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