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My name is David ‘Noah’ Taylor. My wife, Cynthia and I, have been traveling and ministering in Kenya since 2009. Our intent has been the unveiling of God’s purpose for His people in the local church. Our message is simple: if there is no ‘taking care of each other’ kind of love in the church, then it really isn’t a church at all. This message was wrought in us while living in a Christian Community since the year 2000, called Rose Creek Village, just outside the small town of Selmer, Tennessee. Our first few years in Kenya were spent painfully learning about the terrible corruption found in Kenyan Christianity. It was an incredibly difficult time and without our heavenly Father’s constant intervention we would have returned to the U.S. completely defeated. But He proved Himself abundantly faithful, and today all the horrific trauma is now bearing wonderful and eternal fruit. In 2012, having felt the call of God, we made the decision to permanently move to Kenya.

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