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OUR WORK IN HONDURAS – MISSION PREDISAN The work of Predisan is to develop and implement integral programs that improve the health, economic development and spiritual well-being of the individual and the families within our service area. The organization concentrates its services in the rural eastern department of Olancho on the most marginal and unprotected groups, especially those that are, in geographic and economic terms, at the greatest risk and/or have the least access to services. Predisan's work spans nine locations — the large, beautiful Predisan Family Health Center and Good Samaritan Clinic in central Catacamas, two clinics in rural suburbs of Catacamas, five clinics in remote mountain villages, and the CEREPA addiction treatment center in Catacamas. The clinics serve an area population of 90,000 people. Predisan is expanding its work with new educational and public health initiatives in schools and rural mountain communities

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