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Respectable health care is one of the scarcest commodities in the developing world. The solution is to ensure health care is both excellent and accessible for those in need. To accomplish this, MMI facilitates volunteer health care professionals and support personnel from Canada, America, and around the world, to serve on one and two-week project teams in strategic communities along side willing partners. MMI supports health centers to increase access to affordable, quality health care. While centers are largely self-supporting, MMI assists with specific needs for land, buildings, renovations, equipment, and training, as able. MMI supports residency training programs to expand the skills of international doctors with the goal of improving accessibility in their home countries. The American 501c3 charity, I Care San Antonio, co-sponsors the programs of MMI to facilitate financial support and participation from American supporters. Tax ID 74-2690192 www.icare-sa.org/global

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