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kids4school is a non-denominational Evangelical Ministry seeking to reach out in Christ's name to some of the poorest people of the world.  We operate, but not limited to, a child sponsor program which enables children to go to school.  We operate a feeding program which provides a meal each day to the children at school and food distribution to their remote family homesteads.  We build toilets and provide clean safe drinking water in an area where non exists.

We facilitate Mission Teams each year to work with the children and in the schools we work in.  At present we operate in 10 Primary and 5 Secondary Schools.  In a country where almost half of children do not attend school and where 8 out of every 9 who do attend do not progress past Primary education, it is of utmost importance for their development and that of the country that we help to address this.

Medical facilities in the villages where we work are few and the people have difficulty getting to and affording medical care.  Therefore we are planning for Medical Mission Teams to work alongside our existing program.

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