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Interserve began in 1852 in South Asia to care for the poor and marginalized so they could encounter Jesus and experience the life that He wanted for them. God has kept our founder’s vision alive all these years. Jesus Christ shapes how we see our place in a broken and suffering world. We see broken relationships, dashed expectations, lying, jealousy, manipulation, blame, shame, misogyny, and murder. This brokenness and suffering pains the heart of Jesus and the Father. Many have never had the opportunity to know that their lives can be different. Jesus has asked us to go and work alongside them so that they may have the opportunity to hear about Him and ascend, not only out of the abyss of poverty and oppression but also into His holy and transforming presence. Jesus inspires and directs us. We are willing to follow wherever He leads, often into hard areas. He gives us the grace to go and do what needs to be done in these areas.

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