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CAAP seeks to support the expansion of residency training opportunities for African Christian physicians and other primary care providers who will seek to serve in underserved areas and live out the Gospel in Africa.

CAAP Core Activities:

·Curriculum Development & Website Clearinghouse

  • Clinical Curricula: Residency curricula development and deployment for family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and emergency medicine; outpatient care graduate diploma for medical officers/GPs; higher diploma for clinical medicine and clinical nursing; online repository of vetted curricula sources.
  • Spiritual Curricula: Collaborate with others to source, review and make available curricular components in an online repository.

Program Consultation and Faculty Development: Facilitate resources for and consultations to primary care training programs; site visits to affirm integration of quality clinical and spiritual care and training; collaboration with others to provide faculty development resources online and in face-to-face seminars.

Facilitate Short-term Teaching Trips:   Facilitate visiting consultants that supplement local resources to provide didactic and/or clinical teaching to learners in African programs.

Public Health and Community Medicine Training: Provide modular, on-line training from Loma Linda University and/or African sources to encourage population-based training within program curricula or full Master's degree.

Networking African Primary Care Programs: Encourage one another and share ideas; link resident and faculty exchanges.

Recruiting and Preparing Primary Care Faculty: Create a presence where Christian primary care clinicians can meet and be supported as they prepare for academic service.

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