About the organization

Our Mission: To proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and to demonstrate His love by providing affordable quality primary healthcare to the underserved.

Our Vision: In response to God’s grace we desire to be a part of the redemptive work of Christ to the economically, socially and spiritually impoverished. We envision an incarnational ministry through a community of believers who use their particular gifts to care for the poor and who bring them into their fellowship.  Our primary means for accomplishing this goal is through health clinics which provide excellent care physically, emotionally and spiritually. We work hand-in-hand with existing ministries as well as help create new ministries as needed to bring Christ to the poor, crippled, blind and lame.  As a community of believers, we envision and earnestly long for the heart of Christ to be developed in us so that we might truly love our neighbor and redeem lives in urban Augusta — for if our hearts are not first healed by Christ, our labor will be in vain. All this is for the Glory of God.

For Students: We offer internships and shadowing opportunities for students who desire to integrate their faith and medicine.  If you are interested in a rotation or preceptorship, (MD, PA, NP), please submit a Student Rotation Application.


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