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In September 2011, while on a mission trip to Uganda a need was identified through a young girl that wanted to go to school but couldn't because she didn't have shoes. The only choices for this young girl of 12 were to be in school or get married. For this family, the experience impressed upon them that now that they have "seen" they couldn't "unsee". Beyond Uganda was birthed and the love of Christ is shown in every project that is initiated. 

Beyond Uganda: Allowing LOVE to transform lives and train others to be self-sustainable. Beyond Uganda is dedicated to seeing communities develop through empowering women, educating children, and restoring families. We strive to not be a charity but a partner with each person to give them a "hand up not a hand out". We do so by using solutions that give Hope and Dignity to the lost and vulnerable and wrap all we do in the Love of Jesus Christ. 

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