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Laura Nelson

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Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) mission is equipping communities through Christ-centered health and development.
MAI is part of an international network of people who are passionately committed to holistic missions. We believe that practical action and prayer are equally indispensable for transforming lives physically, socially, and spiritually.
MAI became the organization that incubated the growth of the international CHE movement. Tirelessly, its health practitioners integrated into their lessons a profound understanding of healing the world Christ’s way. The work of MAI is accomplished as trained individuals in villages and urban slums go from home to home, teaching others how to be responsible for their own preventive health care and related topics. Instead of white and Western "experts," these new faces are now predominately multi-cultural and multi-ethnic.

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In the 30+ years since MAI’s founding, pioneering individuals have field tested the teaching methods in real-life settings, country to country, and honed a method that is learner-centered, highly-participatory, and empowers the adult learner.
MAI is facilitating this teaching methodology in over 100 countries, and it is being rapidly adapted by numerous mission organizations because it’s a surprisingly effective church planting tool.
We still believes as the founder, Dr. Raymond Benson, always said, “Above all else, the world needs Jesus.”