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Dr.Tariq Parvez

Sialkot, Punjab 51310


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Our mission is to seek out and serve the most vulnerable people affected by crisis women and children who live in difficult to access areas in rural and remote areas of Pakistan
Life Care Ministries (L.C.M.) is an interdenominational, nonprofit Christian faith based organization with purpose is to share the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ and to demonstrate God's love by providing free Medical care, Medicines, Community health awareness program ( C H A P ), Community health Evangelism ( C H E ), Child health education program ( C H E P ) and assistance to people in rural and remote areas of Pakistan. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between the needy and neglected of Pakistan. Life Care Ministries is committed to serving the poorest of the poor through preaching, teaching and healing, Community health.

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Life Care Ministries is a Christian Faith based, interdenominational, non profit, non political, social and humanitarian, Christ focused ministry with demonstration of the gospel to Lord Jesus Christ to all nations as commanded by our Lord. Life Care ministry is dedicated to the cure and care for the sick people regardless of religion, color, race, creed, ethnicity. Life Care Ministries provides Free Medical Care, Free Medicine, Free Screening Of Diabetes and Free screening Of Hepatitis C and B ,to all under -served ,under-privileged and neglected people in rural and remote areas. We provide free Bibles, Religious Psalms CDs, Evangelical Literature to spread His good news to all nation who have not reached yet. We provide Free Computer Education to change our nation's future, Adult Education Centre for Working people to transform their living standards. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, respecting each person as created in the image of God.