Kendall Optometry Ministry, Inc.

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Holland Kendall

4820 Nottinghamshire Drive
Jeffersontown, Ky 40299


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Kendall Optometry Ministry provides equipment, supplies, computer software, training classes, and training literature. This allows the creation of an organizational structure for effective optical ministry. The structure allows the creation of proficient teams consisting of professional optical personnel and non-professional volunteers or non-professional volunteers alone. Specially designed computer software allows the data collection, cataloging, inventory control and automated selection of used prescription glasses. These computer programs efficiently interface to numerous modern lensmeters (to measure the glasses) and autorefractors (to measure the eyes) providing the match of glasses to patient.

Kendall Optometry Ministry also provides completely assembled and organized optical mission kits to be used by professional and non-professional volunteers.

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Each year numerous mission and humanitarian groups travel from the United States to underdeveloped countries throughout the world. Those groups which have optical teams are frequently not well prepared, utilize untrained personnel and have little participation and guidance from professionals. Often large optical teams run by professionals are unaware of new automated methods to properly utilize the huge available supply of used prescription glasses.

Kendall Optometry Ministry first discovered the shortcomings in optical ministry during a mission trip to Honduras in August, 1999 and left with a God given passion to do it better.