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Global Outreach Mission is a Christian ministry, revealing Christ around the globe, through evangelism, education, church planting, community development and medical relief and care. Global exists to promote national leadership in indigence peoples; to foster networking, collaboration and physical projects; to enable and effectively support and growth in national Church leadership and serving the poor and needy. The mission of Global Health Services is to preach the Gospel as we serve people by building and maintaining hospitals, operating short-term clinics in remote villages, and providing healthcare professionals with unique opportunities for service in 12 countries.

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Global Outreach Mission an foreign missionary organization, founded in 1943. The organization is dedicated to carrying out the great commission, with over 500 missionaries presently serving in 50 counties. Each missionary is free to follow the Lords' leading in determining methods of ministry. National workers are an important part of our outreach around the world. They are invaluable because they already know the language, enjoy a cultural advantage and have a special love for their own people. Global Health Services a division of Global Outreach Mission is a holistic ministry, supplying a full range medical personnel and services from Christian counselors to full hospitals in Africa. Just as there is no compartmentalization between an individual's spiritual, mental, social and physical aspects, so there is no dichotomy between the spiritual and physical ministries with the world view of Global Health Services.