About Us

CCHF was birthed out of a common heart shared between H. Spees and Lance Loberg in 1978. By 1979 the organizational office was opened in Mississippi. This milestone was followed by others: 1st H&D journal was published in 1980, 1st National conference was held in 1982 in Washington, DC. Our offices were moved to Philadelphia, then Chicago and finally Memphis. We have been directed by Ted Hewson, David Caes, Jerry Stromberg and Steve Noblett (the current ex. dir.) Our most recent annual conference in 2014 had 600 in attendance. CCHF returns to Atlanta in 2015 for our annual conference on April 23-25. The H&D journal continues to feature unique and inspiring articles that are available online at www.cchf.org. In December 2014 a compilation journal was published call "Faith in the Trenches" and is available on request.


Our Global Footprint

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