Bongolo Hospital

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Christian & Missionary Alliance


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To assist the church in reaching the lost in Gabon for Christ, providing compassionate, professional medical care, regardless of nationality or ethnic origin, and equipping Christian medical professionals to extend this vision to all of Africa.

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We're a hospital in the jungles of southern Gabon and with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We have a 5-year general surgery residency program for African surgery residents that is associated with the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons. There is also a nursing school. The majority of patients speak French. We welcome visiting Christian surgeons, physicians, nurses, lab techs, and 4th year medical students. We'd like to recruit long-term advance-practice nurses/educators, Family practice, and Med/Peds physicians, lab tech, and Ophthalmologist.

Student Rotation Information

Prefer 4th year medical students. Students have the option to spend time in Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Maternity, or Surgery. However, most students concentrate on their area of interest. Would take call 1 night/week and 1-2 weekends/month. French is a plus.

Resident Rotation Information

May spend time in their area of interest: Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Maternity or Surgery. Would take call 1 night/week and 1-2 weekends/month or at the discretion of the supervising physician. French is a plus but not required.