GMHC Volunteer FAQ

Thank you for your interesting at volunteering for the GMHC! This year we have several unique ways for you to engage.  We have provided answers below to the most frequently asked questions about volunteering.

What safety precautions are being taken for Covid-19?

  • All volunteers will be required to wear masks.
  • Volunteers will be working 2 per table, one on each end of an 8' table.
  • Social distancing will be encouraged.
  • Tables will be sanitized in between use.


What is the greatest volunteer need for the 2020 GMHC Virtual Conference?

  • Our greatest need is for Breakout Session Attendants or Proctors.  We have over 150 Breakout Session this year. They will be presented in power point/slide deck fashion with the voice of the presenter pre-recorded.  Session presenters will be available during the session on a live chat feature to answer any questions.  We need volunteers to be online during the sessions and monitor the live chat feed.  Training will be provided.


What is the Job Description for Virtual Session Attendant/Proctor?

  • Must have working knowledge of basic computer skills.
  • Must be able to type proficiently.
  • Must be willing to come to church (AT 106/109 at the Blankenbaker Campus) during your volunteer time so that we can help trouble shoot any technical challenges and provide support if needed (we can make a few exceptions for health reasons if you are computer savvy).
  • Must be able to arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled session so you can login and note any technical problems before the session starts and be available to answer any questions from attendee prior to beginning of session.
  • We would prefer you provide your own laptop computer or tablet.  We do have few spares that can be provided if you do not have one. 4.  Must be able to text conversation on a computer keyboard.
  • Your responsibility during the session is the following:
    • Ensure chat conversation is appropriate.
    • Ask that comments be short, simple, and to the point.
    • Keep the conversation directed to the topic at hand.
    • Ask clarifying questions when needed.
    • Correct mistakes if text does not make sense to the attendees.
  • Must remind all attendees to COMPLETE Evaluations after the session ( Evaluations will be listed by LAST NAME of the instructor).


How long are the sessions?

  • Sessions are one hour in length.  However we would encourage you to sign up to to help with multiple sessions if possible. 


Is there going to be a training session I need to attend prior to the start of the conference?  If so, when is it?  Date? Time?

  • Training for Session Proctors will be November 7th 2020 @ 7pm by way of Zoom
  • The session will be recorded in case you cannot attend the live Zoom call.


Is someone going to be available during the session to help me if I get stuck?

  • Someone will be available in the volunteer room at Southeast to assist with any questions or technical issues.


Do I need to wear a mask while I’m sitting and/or texting online?

  • All volunteers are to wear mask while inside the building.


Do I need to bring my own charger for my computer?

Yes, please bring your own charger for your computer, do not assume that because it is charged up that the battery will hold. 


My computer does not hold a charge for very long.  Is there going to be electrical outlets to use?

  • Extension cords will be available to keep your computers charged.


Should I bring or wear headphones/earbuds?

  • Yes,  please bring your own headphones or earbuds so that you can listen the the session your are proctoring since there will be several others in the room.


Will we be sitting at tables or holding our computers on our laps while we type?

  • Sitting at tables- 2 people to an 8' table (Social Distancing).


I use dictation-to-speech on my computer instead of typing.  Can I use this tool, if I’m a Session Proctor?

  • Unfortunately dictation-to-speech typing will not work well due to multiple people in the room.


If a lot of people are bringing their computers, how are you going to make sure they won’t get mixed up with each other?  Say, I need to use the bathroom and leave my computer behind; will my computer be moved or watched while I’m gone?

  • There will be someone in the room at all times and notify them when you leave, so they can keep an eye on it. Everyone will be using their owm computers.

I am not a fast at typing, can I still help?

  • Yes, speed is not a requirement.


Will any food or drink be provided?

  • Yes, snacks and drinks will be provided.  However, no meals will be provided.