Missionary doctor and co-founder of New Sight, serving the Republic of Congo

In Person Virtual

Ten things I wish I had known when I became an unlikely missionary doctor, wife and homeschool mama

  • Breakout Session
  • Main Building ED 280
  • November 7 2024 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Are you:
- Interested in mission and wondering what it really means for you and your family, and if you have what it takes?
- Curious to know how one may start and sustain a ministry in resource-limited settings in a foreign country from scratch with no money, no team, and no knowledge about far too many things?
- Looking for practical tools and resources to prepare for mission?

Through the years, God has overwhelmed the Samoutou family with His tremendous grace, provision, and protection. Joyce will be the first to tell you how many humble pies she has eaten and lessons she has learnt along the way - from practicing medicine in a way that her training had not prepared her for, being far away from family and the world she knew, running a charity, leading a team, handling tricky and scary situations, raising a family, and getting over herself. She has also picked up several practical tips and tools along the way that can be helpful to those considering or having already embarked on overseas missions.

In this session, participants will, through the firsthand experience of a missionary-medic- homeschooling parent who co-founded an international ministry:
- Learn what is involved in starting, fundraising, and running an international non-profit medical organization in resource-limited settings, the challenges as well as useful practical suggestions in overcoming them.
- Be encouraged and empowered to embark and thrive on long-term missions as health professionals, spouses, and parents with ageing parents back home.
- Have an opportunity to ask questions that they have always wanted to ask a missionary who is happy to share with humor, candor, and vulnerability.