Mathew Mulavelil

CEO, Companions of Grace International - A Dental Missionary, Missional leader, Mentor and Trainer

In Person Virtual

Caring for the Caregiver - A platform for the continuum of care for those in healthcare

  • Breakout Session
  • Main Building ATCR 206
  • November 11 2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Every day healthcare workers face a lot of stressful and emotionally challenging situations at work. Moreover the long drawn pandemic has had its impact on healthcare workers. Numerous deaths, making difficult choices due to resource constraints and overstretched days are some of the challenges that have affected health workers mentally and emotionally. With daily work demands being constant many of them are left with these issues unresolved. How then can we care for our caregivers who support the health and quality of life of their patients and their relatives?

This is a taster of a program that uses large group learnings, small group sharing, peer-to-peer interactions and role-plays. This session will also provide an overview of the program that provides healthcare teams a platform to address their unaddressed pain, and emotional as well as psychological hurts Using a structured and sustained approach the program provides the supportive environment, caring community and appropriate skills for the healing of healthcare workers and equips them to go on to become better careers in the workplace.