Daniel ONeill

Physician-theologian, Managing Editor, Christian Journal for Global Health. Assistant Professor Family Medicine, UCONN School of Medicine

I live to see God's glory displayed in the lives of broken and under-appreciated people from my neighborhood and every nation as they embrace their intended wholism, living lives of gratitude for God-given health, seeking truth and transforming their communities until He makes all things new. I serve to teach veracity with clarity, to cooperate with the like-minded, to encourage thoughtful analysis, to mobilize resources, and to apply the ancient biblical texts to contemporary life and issues. Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine Managing Editor, Christian Journal for Global Health https://journal.cjgh.org Board of Directors, Health for All Nations https://hfan.org Medical Director, The Woman's Center of Eastern Connecticut Co-chair of Evidence Working Group, Moral and Spiritual Imperative Member of the Research Agenda Working Group, Faith Initiative, World Bank Co-author and Editor of "All Creation Groans:Toward a Theology pf Disease and Global Health" (Pickwick, 2021)