Dr. Jason

Disciple, surgeon, health catalyst; long term in the Sahel to see Jesus’ blood fulfilled among the poorest Muslim frontier people groups.

I’m trained as a general surgeon. My wife is an RN. Together with our four children, we serve long term as sent-out disciples and grassroots health catalysts. We serve in a Muslim-majority country with 70 unreached people groups that is among the least developed in the world. I have a passion for the blood of Jesus to be fulfilled in every remaining people group, for the integration of healthcare missions and disciple-making movements, and for reproducibility among new disciples, both in multiplying house churches and in transformative healthcare outreach. We are looking for others to join us who burn for every last people group to be reached. We are looking for primary care, EM, psych, and PM&R docs; PAs; NPs; CNMs; PTs; RNs; LPNs; paramedics and EMTs; veterinarians; MPHs; development and agricultural specialists. We are looking for disciples who are willing to do whatever it takes to reach these tribes with Good News and health, even if it is outside their expertise or training.