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Breakout Session 1 Room Assistant

This person will be a room host, take attendance.

Instructions for Breakout assistants or Room Assistants

There will be only 1 folder for each room with all of the forms in it for each session. Please leave on the chair outside of the room when you leave, but I really need you to check in at registration 15 minutes prior to your first shift so that we know the room/s are covered. If you are late or cannot come I will have someone else take your place.

Report to room 10 minutes early.

*****  For the INTENSIVE Classes not necessary to stay the entire time  for 10     minutes fill out the paperwork***

Greet attendees at the door and assist speaker if needed, they may want to pass around outlines to everyone. We may also have survey cards to hand out as they come in or after seated. We will also need a head-count. There is a form in the folder for that.  If they have IT problems, come down to the desk to report it and we will send help.

Once the room is full (when all seats taken, no standing), close the door and tape yellow sign stating the room is full/closed. This sign will already be in the room, taped inside of each door leave it there for the next class. Please remain at the door, as some people will not notice the sign. This is a Fire Marshall law. Let me know if you are uncomfortable turning people away as some speakers are more popular than others.

Fill out breakout sessions form located in your folder and leave in the folder. You may find it partially filled out for you. In that case just put your name on it and count heads.  I will try to have enough people to cover all doors of each session. *note-If there isn’t a volunteer for each door of the room you are assisting in, there will be signs to put on the free doors that say, please use another door. Close those doors and tape the sign to the outside of it.

Ten minutes prior to the end of the session hold up the sign to the speaker letting him know to wrap it up.

At the end of the session return the workshop sheet to the folder. Thanks again for serving with us! 

Questions or concerns -text  or call 502-821-9119 Ruth Lewellen

Orientation Info
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Refreshments provided

Responsibilities of the Session -Room Assistant




Box lunch provided if working over 4 hours & during mealtime. To receive lunch box the volunteer must register for the conference.

Saturday- no lunch provided- just snacks for all attendees.

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