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Breakout Session 3 Room Assistant

Instructions for Breakout assistants*


  (1 FOLDER for each Room, with forms for each session)

Please leave Folder on the chair outside of the room when you leave.

  1. Report to room 10 minutes early.
  2. Introduce yourself to speaker & let them know you are willing to pass out or collect any papers & that you will hold up sign 10 minutes before end of session.
  3. Greet people coming in
  4. Put up Fire Marshall Sign -when room is full
  5. Count number attending & document


* If IT problems, come down to the desk to report it & we will send help.

*FIRE MARSHALL LAW-à     Once the room is full (when all seats taken, no standing), close the door and tape yellow sign stating the room is full/closed. This sign will already be in the room, taped inside of each door leave it there for the next class. Please remain at the door, as some people will not notice the sign. This is a Fire Marshall law. Let me know if you are uncomfortable turning people away as some speakers are more popular than others.

*Attendance à Fill out breakout sessions form located in your folder and leave in the folder. You may find it partially filled out for you. In that case just put your name on it and count heads.  I will try to have enough people to cover all doors of each session.

*ONLY ONE  Volunteerà-If there isn’t a volunteer for each door of the room you are assisting in, there will be signs to put on the free doors that say, please use another door. Close those doors and tape the sign to the outside of it.

* Return Folder to Chair-At the end of the session return the workshop sheet to the folder.

Thanks again for serving with us! 

Ruth Lewellen

Volunteer Coordinator



If you are registered & working over 4 hrs your meal is provided.


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