Exhibitor Information

Please Note: Exhibitor space will sell out! Space is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


SPAM: Business Travel Bureau  

There is a company contacting GMHC organizations (via email or phone) usually referring to themselves as the Business Travel Bureau.  This is spam and NOT commissioned by the GMHC.  Please DO NOT share any of your personal or credit card information with them.  The common line they are using is they are providing hotel accommodations for exhibitors and need your payment information to make reservations.  They say they represent the GMHC and they DO NOT.

As a matter of practice, the GMHC (and Southeast Christian Church) do not manage hotel or travel arrangements for any exhibitor organization or exhibitor representative.  We are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing and are doing all we can to mitigate the situation.  If you any questions please contact us.  


Booth Footprint 

All booths have a 10’x10’ exhibit footprint (with electricity).

All booths have a 8' skirted table. 


Exhibitor Space

There are three general areas for GMHC Exhibitors - Lower Fellowship Hall, Upper Fellowship Hall, and The Block.  All booth spaces are identical in price, space, and amenities.  

As you select your exhibit spot, note that two areas in the exhibit halls are special sections you may want to consider if your organization may fit best there:

Fellowship Hall #1  1601-1809  Many international long-term missions exhibit here 

Fellowship Hall #2  2201-2409  Many education institutions and residency programs exhibit here


Exhibitor Attendees

Registration/booth fee DOES NOT cover the registration fee for individual attendees and those working your booth.  You MUST register those working your booth separately from your booth registration.  Representatives must register separately from the organization for an additional fee.


Please Note

  1. Exhibitors will be selecting booth space online. 
  2. All organizations must have completed a profile page on medicalmissions.com
  3. All registrations must be completed online.  You will receive a confirmation email soon after submitting your registration.
  4. This registration is only for your booth and not for attendees - please make sure to register all your attendees (booth affiliates) separately through "General Attendee Registration." This is an additional fee.


Registration Questions

Contact exhibitors@medicalmissions.com