Jaime Saint

Jaime was born in Willmar, MN, into a family with a heritage in missions. His dad, Steve, is the son of martyr, Nate Saint, a jungle missionary pilot who was speared to death in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, South America in 1956 by the Waodani tribe. Jaime grew up in a family that participated in mission ventures in Ecuador as well as in Mali, West Africa, in-between businesses that took them from Minnesota to Texas and eventually to central Florida where ITEC is headquartered. After graduating from high school in 1995, Jaime moved with his family to the Amazon Rainforest to help the Waodani tribe learn to do for themselves what outsiders had been doing so that the Waodani could reach their own people with the Gospel. After returning from the jungles, Jaime attended the University of Florida, where he graduated with a degree in Marketing. After his second year of college, Jaime married Jessica Shea, a girl he met just before leaving for the jungles. Jaime and Jessica have been married for over 19 years and have six beautiful daughters, including one set of twins who became their grand finale. After four and a half years in the business world, Jaime took a year and a half to help promote the movie, End of the Spear, and to speak to people of all ages challenging them to let God write their life’s story. After four more years in the business world, Jaime joined the Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center (ITEC), which was founded by his dad, Steve, to begin a new division called LIFE University. Since 2012, Jaime has been the main face of ITEC and now serves as Executive Director. Jaime is a graduate of the 4-year bible school, Chief Men School of Ministry through his local church, and has a passion to take the unchanging, practical life principles laid out in God’s Word to help invest into others.