Reaching the Marginalized in Developing Asian Countries

  • Breakout Session
  • November 13 2020 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Sharing the truth in love and good deed in a Creative Access Nation is fraught with difficulties and danger. Yet through the opportunities of providing services for children with disabilities it has been both a joy and a privilege to be His ambassador in a Creative Access Nation's urban and rural settings for the past 35 years. Working with children and young adults with intellectual disabilities has been very fulfilling for me personal. It has enabled me to gain access to people I would never dreamed possible—for example, the children’s families and the staff I work with. Together we have trained more staff, brought better awareness of the needs of these at-risk children, dealt with the stigma of disability and guarded them from exploitation. And yes, there have been opportunities to draw people nearer to the truth of God's love for them! Incidents like recalling days where we struggled to help children in institutions where they had to be tied or they would run away (especially since there were not enough personnel to manage so many high dependency needs children). My colleague suffered scabies and I had food poisoning. Yet learning from the people with disabilities themselves have been the most rewarding part of my journey. I will share stories how their faith inspired me. For example, while at the beach, a young person with Down syndrome prayed that Jesus would give him a fish, and he caught one. Another young person diagnosed with Tuberculosis of the Lymph glands in the government ward spoke to the other patients about her faith in HIM. Join me to learn more of this ministry and hear stories of these children and their families that will move your heart.