Humanitarian Disaster Response Course

hosted by: Micah Flint MPA, RN, DINPH

November 7 2019 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Main Building ED 312/313

Meeting Overview

Natural disasters, workplace violence, terrorism, war, technological failure, and economic depression are all among today’s disaster threats. In the last 20 years over 4.4 billion people have been affected by a disaster event(s) and over 1.3 million killed world-wide. Although disasters do not discriminate, the world’s most vulnerable experience higher morbidity and mortality.

This INMED Humanitarian Disaster Response Course is a one-half day, hands-on experience that equips learners with essential skills to:

• Implement hazard, vulnerability, and risk assessments
• Develop mitigation and preparedness that increase community resilience
• Respond to disaster events using best-practices
• Integrate development strategies into recovery efforts

This course is oriented towards healthcare professionals, administrators and policy makers, as well as towards students of the healthcare professionals.

The in-classroom experience will feature learning via simulation, role-play, and problem-based methods, following which participants will be encouraged to associate with a humanitarian relief organization for pre-deployment credentials.

For a visual overview, please view this 2017 INMED Humanitarian Health Conference Disaster Simulation video: