Diseases of Poverty Update Course

hosted by: Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH, DIMPH

November 7 2019 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Main Building ED 310/311

Meeting Overview

A number of diseases are particularly associated with poverty. Where functioning economies, education, and health care systems are in motion, the prevalence of such diseases diminishes. When these social components falter—as in times of disaster, economic depression, or civil unrest—diseases associated with poverty routinely reemerge.

This INMED Diseases of Poverty Course is a one-half day event designed to equip clinicians to manage the most prevalent and generally unfamiliar diseases associated with poverty.

Enrollment is open to healthcare professionals and healthcare profession students in the fields of clinical diagnosis and treatment, including physicians, dentists, nurses, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, radiology technologists, and students of these professions.

The in-classroom experience includes learning by simulation, role-play, and problem-based methods, with emphasis upon:

• Strategies to control the leading diseases of poverty
• Malaria, TB and HIV update
• Chronic disease management
• Re-nutrition & dehydration management
• Tropical fever evaluation
• Application of appropriate technology
• Syndrome management protocol utility & development