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Since 2009, John Payne MD has been the President of Medical Ambassadors International (MAI). MAI focuses on using the strategy of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in many countries around the world. In addition, MAI has taught CHE to many other missions. As a member of the Global CHE Network with decades of CHE experience, MAI offers consultation, onsite visits, and skilled help to other groups using CHE. MAI also partners with Med Send in sending out some of its professional staff worldwide.
From 2005-2009, prior to becoming President of Medical Ambassadors, John and his wife, Madelle, were Regional Coordinators for MAI in East Africa and lived in Nairobi, Kenya. Practical experience and patient African mentors were essential to their present understanding of CHE.
John is an enthusiastic user of stories in individual teaching settings and community health education. He also sees Bible stories and inductive questions as a powerful communication tools in evangelism and small group discipleship. He has prepared inductive questions for hundreds of Bible Stories.
John is a second career missionary.
From 1986 - 2005, John was the Family Medicine Residency Director for the Stanislaus County Family Medicine Residency in Modesto, CA, affiliated with the University of California Davis.
From 1978 - 1986, John was faculty member with the Family Practice Residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago IL. At the same time he was a staff physician at Circle Family Care (part of Circle Urban Ministries) and a member of Christian Community Health Fellowship.
John is a graduate of Wheaton College, the Univ. of Illinois Medical School, and the UC Davis Family Practice Residency in Stockton, CA.
John and Madelle have two children, both happily married, and four grandchildren. Lydia and her husband, Travis Klingforth, are wholistic missionaries with the Navigators in Kenya. Joel is a mechanical engineer, and lives with his wife, Tamara in the Los Angeles, CA area.