GMHC Watch Parties

Connect with friends and family to attend the GMHC together at home.

How it Works

Register for the Event

Register yourself and anyone else attending the GMHC.

Create a Plan with Friends

Make a plan with friends to attend the event together this November.

Experience the GMHC

Walk through the event together as you process together, challenge each other, and pray for one another.

Everyone Needs a Ticket

Regardless if you’re attending with friends at someone’s house or you’re attending a simulcast, you need a ticket.  Why?  Well, the GMHC is both a large event but also a personalized experience.  A single registration helps us assist you by guiding you to great connections, recommending sessions, and matching you to specific exhibiting organizations.  Plus, it’s the right and ethical thing to do and allows us to continue this vital ministry in future years.  We’re not worried, we know the GMHC is a trustworthy community.  Thanks for helping us honor this code well.

Resources to Help

Preparation Guide

Coming Soon!

Watch Party Checklist

Coming Soon!

Group Questions

Coming Soon!

How you can be a great host

Invite People

Send a text or an evite asking for a few people to join you.

Food Preferences

Check to see if your guests have any food allergies or preferences so you can plan accordingly.

Prepare Snacks

Grab a few snacks to have on hand during your time together.

Coordinate Meals

Consider doing a pot-luck, participating as a group in our cooking classes or ordering carry-out.

Request Needed Items

Encourage your guests to bring a laptop, phone or tablet and headphones so each person can still individually attend breakout sessions and explore the exhibit hall.

Ready to attend a GMCH watch party with friends or family?